A valid passport is required for the cruise. You will need your passport and your Cuban visa to disembark at every port of call in Cuba during this voyage.
For U.S. passport holders, the passport must be valid for the duration of stay when flying into Cuba. For all guests flying/or cruising into Jamaica holding U.S. or Canadian passports, their passport must be valid for the duration of their stay in Jamaica. We also suggest that you bring a photocopy of your passport and leave it in your cabin.
It is the responsibility of our passengers to secure the latest updates on passports validity and to obtain at their own expense all necessary travel documents required by relevant government authorities, at all ports of call, and to comply with the various laws thereof.


If you embark in Havana, Cuba:
To enter Cuba you will need a Cuban visa. This may be included with your airfare and will be provided to you on your flight. You will need to keep the Cuban visa in your passport at all times. You will need to surrender your visa to the Cuban authorities when the ship departs from Cienfuegos on route to Jamaica. Before re-entering Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, you will obtain a new visa from the reception desk. The cost is already covered in your cruise fare.

If you embark in Montego Bay, Jamaica:
You will obtain your Cuban visa from the reception desk upon check in. The cost is covered in your cruise fare. In addition to the Cuban visa, if you embark in Montego Bay, please check with the local Jamaican Embassy/Consulate, whether a Jamaican visa is required, in order to fly into Jamaica.

Medical Insurance

Cuban law requires all passengers to have medical insurance while travelling and must be able to provide proof of coverage. Insurance can be purchased with your cruise or you may call your insurance provider to ensure you are covered in Cuba or to add Cuba to your policy. Passengers without proof of medical insurance will be denied boarding and in such cases no refunds will be made.


Incoming flights
Please note that you should arrive at the port not later than one hour prior to departure. Passengers who are not at the check in 1 hour prior departure are considered as no - show. Allow sufficient time from your flight arrival at the airport to the port, taking into consideration possible heavy traffic.
Outgoing flights
In order to make your travel connections comfortably, please allow 6 hrs at least from the arrival time of the ship in the port until your flight departure time. Please contact your airline for luggage allowance. Airport Transfers
If you are arriving/departing from Havana, the airport is a 1 hour cab ride.
If you are arriving/departing from Montego Bay, Jamaica, the airport is a 45 minute cab ride.
If you require a recommendation for transfer arrangements please call us.


Onboard Currency – Currency onboard is US dollar. Major currencies are accepted and can be exchanged at the Reception. Travel cheques are also accepted at a 2% charge.
Cuba – In Cuba at all airports there are exchange booths. We suggest before leaving the airport you purchase an appropriate amount of Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) for onshore purchases. Please note American based credit cards may not work in Cuba. There are exchange booths to be available in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Cienfuegos. In order to exchange currency you will need to present your passport. The ship does not have any CUC currency onboard.
Jamaica – The Jamaican dollar and U.S. dollar are accepted. Please ensure that you bring US dollars from home.

What to Wear

Day wear: During summer, casual light-weight resort wear, including light cotton clothing, swimwear and beach robe are recommended. Tennis shoes or low heeled walking shoes are most suitable for exploring the ports of call. In case of a cool breeze or unexpected shower a light jacket or sweater is recommended. Please pack heavier attire during the winter months. A hat and sunglasses are always recommended. Binoculars will be a great asset to your enjoyment whilst at sea and during excursions. We also suggest you have your camera ready at all times. When visiting places of worship, shorts are not allowed and shoulders should be covered. It is very important that you bring with you mosquito repellant for ashore use.
Evening wear: The shipboard daily program will inform you of the evening (after 6:00pm) dress code onboard. The majority of evenings onboard are country club casual but, there is one formal evening included. Suggested attire for the formal night: a suit for gentle-men and a cocktail dress or pants suit for the ladies.

 and Disembark

Embarkation in Havana is MONDAY from 1pm and 11pm. Disembarkation is any time after the ship is cleared by Cuban authorities at approximately 11am. All passengers should be fully disembarked by 1pm.
Embarkation in Montego Bay, Jamaica is on FRIDAY from 1pm to 4.30pm. Disembarkation is any time after 10am. All passengers should be fully disembarked by 12pm.
The address of the pier in Havana is:
Terminal de cruceros (Cruise Terminal)
Muelle San Francisco,
Avenida San Pedro No 1,
La Habana, Cuba
The address of the pier in Montego Bay is:
Montego Bay Cruise Ship Terminal
Montego Freeport,