Day 3 - Bethlehem, Mt. of Olives & Mt. Zion

In Bethlehem, you’ll visit the cave revered as the place where Jesus was born
(Matt. 1: 18 - 25; Luke 2: 1- 7). The church, which was constructed on the site, is the
world’s oldest functioning church. Nearby you’ll view Shepherds’ Field where the
Good News was first heard. Visit the Haas Promenade and enjoy a panoramic view
from the south of Jerusalem, the Old City walls and the hill called Mount Moriah
where Abraham was commanded by God to offer Isaac as a burnt offering (Gen. 22:
2, 4). Look out over the Kidron Valley and the Valley of Gehenna. Continue to Mount
Zion to visit the House of the High Priest Caiaphas where Jesus was imprisoned for
a night (Matt. 26: 57 - 65). Stand in the Upper Room, revered as the place of the Last
Supper (Mark 14: 12 - 26). View the site of King David’s Tomb.