Step 1: Work with ETS to make sure all the Tour Details are Confirmed

a) Speak with ETS to make sure the Itinerary, Date, Price and any special requests are set.

  • The further in advance you begin to recruit the better your chance for a successful tour will be.

b) Ask the Leader if they want to extend invitations to other clergy or Lay Leaders to co-host the tour with.

Step 2: Order & Gather Promotional Materials:

a) Order enough brochures to pass around (standard amount is 100-200)

Personalized brochures are a complimentary service & increase your chance of success.

  • Customize the Title (i.e. Join Rev. Smith in the Holy Land…)
  • Put the price from your departure city/cities
  • Add a picture of the leader
  • Add a brief invitation message
    • i.e. “My wife and I would love for you to join us on this life-changing, transformative pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  I promise you that if you journey with us, you will never read the Bible the same way again!  You will literally walk where Jesus walked, stand on the same stones as Old Testament prophets and kings and have your heart thrilled with awe-inspiring moments of learning and experience.  Our accommodations, food, guides and hosts are truly the very best around, and you will be amazed at the professional and gracious staff and guide.  I hope that you will join us!  You will never be the same.”

b) Consider other Recruiting Tools that could be beneficial:

  • Custom Posters
  • Custom Bulletin Inserts
  • News Releases
  • Powerpoints
  • Videos


Step 3: Announce & Promote

a) Have the leader announce the trip from the Pulpit and invite people to an interest meeting (see step 4)

b) Have the leader(s) make a list of prospects:

  • Bible Study Members
  • Teachers
  • Church members
  • Family & Friends
  • Co-workers etc.

Personal invitation is always the best method of promotion (through in person contact, email, or phone call)

“I will be leading a group of church members to (destination). We will depart on (date). I would personally like to invite you to join this group of pilgrims. Before you make your decision, you will want to have more information, review the itinerary and have an opportunity to ask questions. Please attend the Information Meeting on (date, time, place). Together we will review the highlights of the program. I will be happy to answer your questions. Please join us.”

c) Place bulletin inserts in Sunday bulletins & church newsletters.

d) Send news releases to local newspapers and church publications.

e) Place personalized posters in a central locations.

f) Announce your trip on the internet and Social Media Outlets:

  • Place the trip on the church website
  • Post a link to your trip page on facebook
  • Announce your trip on twitter

Step 4: Schedule & Hold Introductory Information Meeting(s)

a) Announce an Information meeting a couple weeks before the meeting date at Sunday morning service, in bulletins, on the church website and on posters.

b) Encourage everyone to bring a friend.

c) Host the meeting with the following Agenda:

  • As people arrive, ask them to sign-in, listing their phone number and email address. Use this list for your follow-up efforts.
  • Open the meeting with prayer.
  • Welcome the group, discuss the objectives and spiritual nature of the journey.

    Emphasize these benefits:


    • Greater knowledge of the Bible
    • Deeper knowledge of Jesus & his Ministry
    • Better understanding of the Geography


    • Greater appreciation of Scripture
    • Enriched prayer life
    • Enriched fellowship with leader & group


    • Experience walking in Jesus’ footsteps
    • Return with a renewed spirit
    • Return with a deepened commitment to your church and community
  • Show the promotional video to captivate your prospective passengers.
  • Hand out the brochures to review while you present your powerpoint presentation.
  • Open the floor for personal testimonies, include your own testimony as well as others who have traveled to the destination.
  • Make sure to highlight the All Inclusive Pricing and what the trip includes
  • Take questions
  • Collect registrations with deposits.

AGENT REMINDERS   - Check Passport List, Verify Name as it Appears on the Passport & Verify Date of Birth                    *After Tickets have been issued - a $125 name change fee will be incurred with any changes


Step 5: Follow Up, Follow Up, & More Follow Up

a) Make follow up emails & phone calls 1 week after interest meeting.

b) Send out reminders of approaching Deadlines & Trip News

c) Set up a weekly Bible Study for those going on the trip (open it up to those unable to attend as well) with an emphasis on learning about the sites you will see (ETS can provide you with Study Guides if needed).

AGENT REMINDERS   - Check Passport List, Verify Name as it Appears on the Passport & Verify Date of Birth 


Step 6: Continue Promotions

Place tour bulletin inserts in Sunday bulletins & church newsletters

Send news releases to local newspapers and church publications.

Step 7: Hold Follow-Up Meetings

a) Order/print additional materials if needed

b) Plan & Announce additional info meeting(s)

  • Send invitation to all registered passengers and contacts and remind them to invite a friend.

c) Go to www.etsagents.com/gallery to get additional videos like:

  • Will We Be Safe
  • Holy Land Testimonies
  • Other promotional videos

d) Discuss itinerary and create excitement about tour.

e) Continue Bible Studies & Meetings to acquaint travelers with eachother

f) Remind passengers of:

  • Payment Deadlines
  • Passports etc.

AGENT REMINDERS   - Check Passport List, Verify Name as it Appears on the Passport & Verify Date of Birth 


Step 9: Announce Deadline to Register Approaching

a) Put "Last Chance" invitations in:

  • Church Bulletins
  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • News releases/Advertisements

b) Urge passengers to register before final payment date to avoid having to pay a higher costs

Step 10: Send Monthly Updates to Passengers

a) Keep your passengers updated on the growing size of your group and encourage them to continue inviting others.

b) Send countdown announcements (i.e. Only 150 Days until We Walk in Jesus' Footsteps)

AGENT REMINDERS   - Check Passport List, Verify Name as it Appears on the Passport & Verify Date of Birth 


Cruise Reminder - 6 months Prior to Departure - Second Deposit is Due;

                                  120 Days  Prior to Departure - Final Payment is Due

Land Tour Reminder - 105 Days  Prior to Departure - Final Payment is Due

Step 11: Continue Recruiting

a) Invite those who do not have a roommate and want one - to find a roommate

b) Make a final push for anyone still on the fence.

Step 12: Keep Your Passengers Excited

a) Continue to hold get-togethers and Bible studies

AGENT REMINDERS   - Check Passport List, Verify Name as it Appears on the Passport & Verify Date of Birth 



  • Extend personal invitations every chance you get.
  • Keep Brochures on you.
  • Encourage those who register to invite friends & family.
  • Log onto your account and check your passenger reports.