December 9, 2017 Holy Land Update

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July 2017

I just wanted to say from the time we boarded the Orange Bus in Israel from Tel Aviv Airport to the time we returned back to the airport ETS took exceptional care of us.
Our guides' knowledge and attention to detail shows its not just a job to him but a passion.
I truly enjoyed our trip especially traveling with a 76 year old mother, our guide made sure she was comfortable and explained each stop in detail so we had the understanding of what was to take place.
Thanks again for providing us with such and wonderful trip!
Wanda Billington
July 2017 Holy Land Tour

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December 2016 

 December 2016 ETS Group in the Holy Land

June Holy Land FAM

Agents on the Sea of Galilee - June 11, 2016

The visit was truly a "goal of a lifetime" realised. The ETS representatives on-site, and the tour guide, were always available to provide needed information - a well-oiled machine interfacing between your office and in-country support. When we decide to repeat such overseas travel, we would be happy to engage your services in its preparation... Again, thank you for making a memorable and treasured experience possible.
Tom Mischke

2015 Holy Land Tour

December 2015 Holy Land FAM

ETS Group Singing at Beit Shean - 11/7/15

Holy Land Classic - 11/2/15 - Cruise Planners Lighthouse Group

Holy Land Classic - 11/2/15 - First Class Travel & Travel Leaders

Beverly and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Israel. The selection of sites was excellent. The food was good. The tour guide and bus driver were great. They scheduled each day so as to avoid the crowds. We felt safe and got to meet local Israelis as well as other pilgrims from around the world. Seeing the places of the Bible was a deeply spiritual experience. Thanks for your efforts in making it possible.
John & Beverly
Trinity Lutheran Church

Catholic Pilgrimage - 10/19/15 - Cruise Planners

Catholic Pilgrimage - 10/19/15 - Spirited Journeys

Catholic Pilgrimage - 10/13/15 - Dolphin Travel Group

March ETS Group in the Holy Land

March 2015 Egypt Testimonies

March 2015 - ETS groups in the Holy Land

ETS has been blessed in the first quarter of 2015.  Many groups have made, or are making a Holy Land Pilgrimage. See the photos and read the captions below:

2015 ETS FAM Group 1 - A Rare Snow in Jerusalem

2015 ETS Florida Group on the Mount of Olives

ETS Catholic Group enjoying their Pilgrimage in Jerusalem!

Holy Land Update | July 2014

Holy Land Update from James Ridgway, ETS CEO | July 23, 2014

The conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues into a third week mirroring the 2008/2009 conflict that also involved Israeli
ground forces in Gaza. Rocket fire has diminished greatly during the ground offensive and fighting is contained in the Gaza Strip and its immediate
environs. The rest of the world continues to press for a comprehensive cease fire. Our groups who have continued on traveling through the 15 days
of this conflict and each have had a good experience. We continue to update our website with their thoughts and experiences. Our summer season in Israel winds down on July 24, until late August.

As many of you are aware, the FAA ordered a 24 hour halt to flights by American-flagged carriers to Tel Aviv, This ban ended late Wednesday night, a day and a half after stopping all flights citing security concerns. This resulted over concern of a Gaza-launched rocket landing close to the airport in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

We did have 19 guests scheduled to return tonight from Tel Aviv. Two will still return as scheduled on EL AL, while the other 17 were changed by our air department to flights from Amman tonight. They completed their final day in Jerusalem as scheduled and departed around 5pm from
the border to Jordan.

Late on Monday prior to the rocket landing close to the airport, the United States State Department updated their long standing travel warning
to Israel and the Occupied Territories which was first issued in 2000 and has been in place ever since. The new warning instructs travelers to
consider the need for travel to Israel and the Occupied Territories in light of the Gaza conflict while retaining much of the old language about
not traveling to Gaza and certain areas in the West Bank under certain conditions. There was no suggestion to leave Israel if one was already in
the country, and much stronger warnings exist to other countries. It is perplexing to me why this update came two weeks into the conflict, but I
will assume we will see another update once their is a cessation in the conflict.

Our guests safety remains our number one priority, and we must proceed wisely with our preparations for the fall while giving you time to
consider your travel. Because we have different scenarios depending on your departure date, I will segment our policies by month.

For our one departure in August and our September departures, all guests were ticketed and paid before this conflict started. Thus, we do not have the air portion of what was paid to us. Airlines have not allowed for guests to postpone or change their tickets for the periods when our
groups are traveling. So while we could mitigate the land penalties for cancellation during these periods, virtually all tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable currently. In my opinion it is better
to wait and see how the situation is, the terms of a cease fire agreement, and a possible further extension of relaxed change fees. I would be very hard pressed to see this conflict still occurring a month from now, and we will be prepared to operate the scheduling tours as normal.

ETS Pilgrim Testimony | July 20, 2014

Long before Jesus, God claimed that land to be holy. Yes it is true that there is passion and there are clashes. But you should know that as we traveled—as you heard threatening report after threatening report—we never felt unsafe. It was as if we traveled in the loving hands of God. We came to learn and to pray, to see holy sites and other cultures with wonder and respect. It has felt that same way every time I’ve gone. If you are physically able to go to this great land with Educational Travel Services, go with confidence regarding your safety. That land is still filled with wonder, with history, and with holiness. Now thirty-six of us are ambassadors, not only of the Good News of Jesus Christ, but the eyewitness news of how gladly we were greeted and how much we experienced. Ask us about our pilgrimage! And, perhaps because of our words, or the reading of your Bibles, you will reaffirm your conviction to be a disciple of light and love.

ETS Guide Mike Abu Libdeh | July 14, 2014

Today, 7/14/2014 we are starting our day with the group driving south from Galilee to the baptismal site at Bethany beyond Jordan. Then on to Jericho where we will share Joshua entering Jericho and the walls falling, then up to Jerusalem. Our group is so excited to enter Jerusalem walk where Jesus walked.

Source: Mike Abu Libdeh on Facebook 

ETS Guide Mike Abu Libdeh | July 11, 2014

Our group today enjoyed visiting Bethlehem. First visiting the mountaintop "Herodion", then buying olive wood souvenirs from Nissan brother's store. Then we sang silent night where Jesus was born at the Church of the Nativity. Lastly, a great devotion at the sheperd's field by Vicki Sumner. Another blessed day in the Holy Land.