July 17 - 26, 2017

I invite you to join us in the Holy Land for an eye‐opening, life‐changing, and faith‐fortifying journey to the place fundamental to the faith in which we believe. You will see sights of miracles, sail the Sea of Galilee, experience the walk up the road of Calvary, stroll ancient cities, step foot in the Dead Sea, and so much more!
After experiencing this journey, you won’t read the Bible in the same way again. The sights, culture, and sounds of the Holy Land will make the black and white pages of your Bible burst in full color! And along the way, you’ll gain deeper understanding and insight with brief Bible study lessons and devotionals. This tour will be such an amazing and formational experience that you will yearn to return. It will be my fourth visit, and I look forward to experiencing it again with you as much as my first time!
Come travel with us to the Holy Land for the trip of a lifetime!
Pastor Semaj

All Inclusive Price of $3798 from Newark

Roundtrip International Airfare,  Basic Tour & Guided Sightseeing
Fuel Surcharges and Government Taxes,  Admin. Fees, Entrance Fees, Gratuities & Program Fees
Daily Buffet Breakfast & Dinner, Deluxe Motorcoaches, First Class Hotels & more!